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Arctic Spas® brand hot tubs are the best-selling hot tub brand in Canada. Why? – They are designed for cold weather, which means they are more energy-efficient, longer-lasting, and easier to maintain than other brands. They are built to function and endure extreme cold, and the wide temperature fluctuations of the Canadian climate.

If you want the best quality, most energy-efficient hot tub or swim spa then the Arctic Spas® brand is for you.

The Arctic brand is also known for the advanced technology and features available. Your Arctic spa can be connected to the internet to enable remote monitoring and control. Troubleshooting and often repair can be done directly from the manufacturer’s service department via the internet connection. The water care systems are also advanced, with automated ozone, salt, and filtration systems that virtually eliminate typical hot tub maintenance.

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Top 5 FAQs

Shopping for a hot tub should be an easy experience. Keep in mind you are looking for the ultimate experience and long term efficiency. Here are the top 5 commonly asked questions.

1. What should I consider and look for when investing in a hot tub?
Ask yourself how you will be enjoying your Spa with your family and friends will help to determine the size and mould design suited to your needs. Spa construction and longevity, technology and wi-fi connectivity, monthly energy costs, tub maintenance, warranty, serviceability and your budget. We can help!

2. Is it expensive and hard to maintain a hot tub?
There have been many engineering advances that minimize costs and make maintaining ideal spa conditions with minimal effort. Arctic Spas® has solutions for these valid concerns with our FreeHeat™ and Spa Boy® technology greatly lowering your monthly energy costs and to help maintain ideal spa conditions.

3. How long will my hot tub last?
Detailed construction of the shell, cabinet, insulation system and components used all add to the life span of your Spa. Asking about construction is important and time should be taken to discuss. Arctic Spas® are built to last using the same construction concepts and practices as building a home.

4. Is site preparation a hassle and expensive?
There can be work involved and expenses incurred in preparing where you would like to place your tub. Arctic Spas® Forever Floor helps dramatically reduce your cash investment, all you need is a level surface.

*Does not apply to AWP and CORE Series*


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Spa Maintenance & Repairs

Our service technicians are CPO certified and we provide internal follow-up training with our techs on a semi-annual basis.

Pool & Spa Supplies

We also carry all the products you need to keep your spa & pools in perfect shape.

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